Valeriy Prushinskiy – 2nd day Keynote Speaker

Valeriy Prushinskiy stands at the forefront of problem-solving and intellectual property, backed by over 30 years of expertise in TRIZ methodology. As a Certified TRIZ Master, he has enriched global tech giants with his wisdom, dedicating 7 years to the Global Technology Research Institute at Samsung Electronics, South Korea, and another 5 to the Tech Innovation Group in Samsung Display, focusing on TRIZ-based problem solving, consulting, and training. His decade as Director of Analytical Services at Ideation International, USA, further solidifies his prowess in the field. An author by passion, Valeriy penned “Hybridization: The New Warfare in the Battle for the Market” and “Everyone Can Invent”, shedding light on innovation’s intricate nuances.

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