Jai-Hak Kim – 1st day Keynote Speaker

Allow me to introduce Jai-Hak Kim, a distinguished speaker hailing from the Hyundai Motor Company in Korea. With a tenure spanning over two decades at Hyundai’s Central R&D Center, Mr. Kim has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in engineering and innovation. His journey has seen him transition from a role in engineering to becoming a devoted member of the innovation team, where he collaborates closely with developers to solve intricate problems across various R&D projects.

Mr. Kim’s understanding of methodologies and their impact is profound. He firmly believes that any approach can yield remarkable outcomes if embraced with the right mindset. Just as some may initially perceive TRIZ, a systematic problem-solving method, as a mere play on words, Mr. Kim has uncovered its profound potential through his experiences. He attests that, much like any methodology, TRIZ flourishes when applied diligently and thoughtfully.

Within Hyundai Motor’s transformative evolution into a global powerhouse, Mr. Kim’s contributions are pivotal. As the organization endeavors to shift from being a fast follower to a trailblazer, he plays a pivotal role in tackling complex research challenges in collaboration with development leaders. His journey from a designer, passionately seeking patents, to a TRIZ consultant underscores his commitment to innovative thinking.

Among his notable achievements is his pioneering work as a TRIZ consultant within Hyundai’s innovation team. This team engages in consulting and training activities, employing innovative tools to address diverse challenges in vehicle development. Mr. Kim’s expertise shines particularly in cost reduction innovation—an arena where the interplay of creativity and economic viability is crucial. He led the creation of a TRIZ-based cost reduction methodology that systematically addresses this challenge, ensuring that innovative ideas are harmonized with practical financial considerations.

Navigating the expansive realm of TRIZ can be daunting, given the multitude of tools available. To enhance accessibility and ease the process, Mr. Kim introduced the TRIZ Roadmap—an invaluable guide that outlines the most effective tools for specific areas, streamlining their application for engineers. This innovation has significantly improved the practicality of TRIZ in real-world projects.

A testament to his dedication, Mr. Kim actively contributes to Hyundai’s annual academic conference. Here, he showcases the R&D advancements of not only Hyundai but also partner companies, underscoring his commitment to knowledge sharing and collaboration. Beyond research institutes, he champions the dissemination of TRIZ methodologies across diverse fields, including factory operations, service, and marketing.

His journey has been marked by both challenges and successes, leading to the acquisition of a TRIZ level 4 certification and the esteemed License of CEM Representative. Despite his humility, his accomplishments are admirable and indicative of his commitment to excellence.

Today, standing at the crossroads of his TRIZ journey, Mr. Kim is poised to embark on a new challenge: the pursuit of the TRIZ Master title—the epitome of expertise in TRIZ. With his application on the cusp of submission, Mr. Kim’s dedication, innovative spirit, and invaluable contributions make him a worthy candidate for recognition. His unwavering dedication to the world of TRIZ is a testament to his unyielding commitment to progress, and his journey continues to inspire all those in pursuit of innovative solutions.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Jai-Hak Kim for sharing his time, experiences, and insights, shaping the landscape of innovation at Hyundai Motor Company and beyond.

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