Mastering TRIZ Hybridization with AI Integration: Strategies for Enhancing IP and Modern Design Approaches

Speaker: Valeriy Prushinskiy, TRIZ Master, CEO of Natural Innovations LLC

Abstract: As technology progresses at breakneck speeds, the TRIZ hybridization approach, now complemented by the integration of AI capabilities, especially Chat-GPT, has become a cornerstone for intellectual property enhancement and innovative design solutions. This training delves into the Algorithm of Hybridization of Alternative Systems, guiding participants through cutting-edge case studies such as Samsung Display’s in-display camera. We further unpack Google’s intriguing Babysitting System Patent while examining the latest trends in hybridizing multiple systems for IP enhancement. Our session breaks down both sequential and simultaneous hybridization processes, spotlighted by deep dives into the world of flexible display device patents. Building upon this, participants will be introduced to the foundational schemes of hybridization: Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication. The training culminates with insights into AI-assisted hybridization, harnessing the pattern recognition and computational might of modern AI. Join us on this immersive expedition, bridging theory and real-world application, empowering you to navigate the future with the combined might of TRIZ hybridization and AI.