As the curtains fell on the last day of the highly anticipative TRIZfest-2023 conference, a significant and commendable event unfolded. Mr. Jai Hak Kim from Hyundai Motors made his distinguished defense for Level 5, Master TRIZ, witnessing an active participation from numerous audience members, especially from the local industry, who were keen to observe a Level 5 TRIZ Master defense.

The TRIZ Master Certification Council (TMCC), a prestigious entity that oversees the examination of candidates, had several of its members present online while two notable members – Mr. Sergey Ikovenko and Mr. Valeriy Prushinsky graced the occasion in person. The meeting was efficiently conducted by Mr. Sergey Logvinov with the assistance of Mr. Valeriy Prushinsky.

Noteworthy Moments:

  1. Project Presentations:
    Mr. Jai Hak Kim brilliantly presented three case studies of his R&D work in Hyundai Motors, demonstrating the practical application of TRIZ tools in resolving technical challenges. These presentations were not only insightful but served as exemplary instances of TRIZ methodologies in action.
  2. Impressive Interactions:
    The Q&A session saw the TMCC engage Mr. Kim with a series of queries, to which they received satisfactory and commendable responses. The council was visibly impressed with Mr. Kim’s extensive work and comprehensive knowledge in TRIZ applications.
  3. Mentorship & Participation:
    Mr. Sergei Ikovenko, despite his presence, abstained from voting due to his role as Mr. Kim’s mentor and also assisted in translating during the question round, ensuring a smooth communication process.


In light of Mr. Kim’s exceptional defense, all ten TMCC members unanimously voted to confer the coveted TRIZ Master title upon him, underscoring his extensive proficiency and contribution to the field.

Implications & Contributions:

This successful defense by Mr. Jai Hak Kim has not only augmented his personal and professional stature but has also contributed significantly to enriching and proliferating TRIZ methodologies. His exemplary work serves as an inspiration and a benchmark for aspirants and practitioners in the field, prompting further exploration and application of TRIZ tools in resolving technical impediments.

Closing Remarks:

The event was a resounding success, marking the culmination of the TRIZfest-2023 conference on a high note. The enriched discussions, enlightening presentations, and Mr. Kim’s distinguished defense have collectively set a higher standard in the realm of TRIZ. This gathering not only highlighted the groundbreaking work being undertaken in this field but also spotlighted the immense potential and versatility of TRIZ methodologies in navigating and solving complex technical challenges.

The collective wisdom and shared knowledge from this event will undoubtedly propel the TRIZ community forward, inspiring innovations and fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement. Congratulations to Mr. Jai Hak Kim for his well-deserved recognition, and kudos to all the participants and organizers for making TRIZfest-2023 a memorable and enriching experience!

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